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Strawberry Mai Tai

Strawberry Mai Tai

Strawberry & captain morgan topped with myers rum

Including low-fat cheese, a lightweight chicken meat and some fresh vegetables with rice, this soup is a perfect lunch. Especially for anyone with irritable bowel syndrome.
The thyme adds a special kinky flavor to this mild dish, making it even tastier!
Topped with a garlic seafood sauce & served with garden salad & steak fries or with steamed veggies roast chat potato.

Julliene veggies & rice noodles with mint coriander & cashew nuts nestled in mixed leaves and finished with sesame oil and a lime dressing.

Char grilled garlic chicken breast fillet, topped with a garlic seafood sauce & served with garden salad, served with steak fries or with steamed vegetables and potato.


amaretto / champagne / chicken breast / chips / coriander / lemon / raspberry / seafood /